East Africa Corporate Debt Recoveries ranks among the top commercial collection agencies in Kenya. We specialize in business-to-business collections and the recovery of all uncollected debts. We offer cost-effective, efficient and ethical services suitable to all sizes of commercial organizations. We work towards removing the obstacles that stand between our client’s business and the money it’s owed, by maximizing the recovery of their outstanding debts.

Our pioneering practices coupled with expert knowledge and experience ensure our Collection strategies are way ahead of our competitors and allows us to provide a unique, unrivalled cost effective Debt Collection service that is used by companies of all Business sectors.

Our diligent and robust services are designed to deal with any situation imaginable in a professional, ethical & expedient manner, we specialize in Debt Collection only and nothing else.

Whether it is a ‘one off’ debt or a portfolio of debts, East Africa Corporate Debt Recoveries are specifically geared to operate in a proactive, efficient and professional manner to maximize the potential of a successful recovery. Our specific use of technology combined with hard work ethics almost guarantees that we collect debts others simply cannot.

Our expert and specialist staff have experienced every possible scenario and have the resources to deal with all situations in a professional and diligent manner. We ensure that no stone is left unturned in pursuit of your debt and strive to achieve the very best results possible for our clients.

A pragmatic approach coupled with high levels of endeavor guarantee that we maximize efforts to collect your debts through our diligent and proactive approach to debts owed. When it comes to Corporate Debt Collection matters, there is no one to rival us in terms of results, cost or service.